Wednesday, June 19, 2013

pain in the eye

What are the diseases that cause pain in the eye?

Eye pain, there are more reasons than one. In addition, this can be a wide variety of pains. For example, with a pain from migraine-associated pain Sight does not manifest itself in the same way. You are holding the main headings of eye diseases that cause pain are as follows.

• Glaucoma, Intraocular pressure is high
• Eye Migraines
• Eye pressure
• Eye inflammation of the lining
• Cataracts
• Sight
• High Blood Pressure
• Stress
• Konjunktivita
• Contact lens problems
• Dry eyes
• Uveitis
• The cornea and the sclera disorders
• Sinusitis (Sinusitis article link)
• Eye allergies

What are the situations that cause pain in the eye?

• Excessive sun
• Solarium (can be seen as a side effect)
• a lot of work in low light
• Long-term stay at a computer or television
• Eye-source escape (when the oxygen supply to watch)
• Eye-body escape
• the use of eye glasses are not suitable

Recommendations relating to Eye pain

Preventive measures for pain in the eye: eye pain received glasses in order to avoid the "CE" label, make sure that the look and protection against ultraviolet rays, the sun with the naked eye look, use snow goggles snow conditions. Never rub your eyes. Cornea of ​​the eye rubbing can cause tearing of the eyes stray objects

How to cure pain in the eye?

First, the source of the pain must be learned. Is the situation is due to an illness or other therapy should be initiated after that it should be decided. Sore eye doctor if you are unaware of any of the above-mentioned diseases, do not treat yourself. If an object escaped your eyes plenty of warm water to wash your eyes. However, never rub the eyes.
Doctors often prescribe ibuprofen or acetaminophen for the treatment of the eye, but differs from the treatment of pain in each eye.
've Never learned the cause of pain, but important enough to go to a doctor to get from them are sold in pharmacies use artificial tear drops absolutely harmless. You can see the benefits.