Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Heart pain symptoms

Heart stinging, burning or gnawing is visible. Stairs or gradients (ie, during physical activity), the resulting pressure in the chest or left arm pain, urgency is a style, neck, jaw, need to pay attention to spread. This may be due to stress. A little heeded, the pain is relieved, reduced passes. Pain in the left arm, neck, shoulders, back up spread. In addition to this, dizziness, sweating, shortness of breath, these problems may be accompanied by nausea. Left chest pain originating from the heart may not be all that occurred. Pain can last approximately 10 minutes. An amount of vaccinations that may be relieved by rest.

Heart Pain Causes

Irregular and stressful life, strive to excessive fatigue, nervous disorders, severe pain in the heart, can be seen in rheumatic or congenital heart disease from occurring.
Disorders of the digestive system, which is connected to the rib cage muscles, nerves, ligaments and other structures on a specific issue related chest pain may occur. These pains should not be confused with heart pain. Especially the elderly and people with diabetes are likely to see these disorders.
Besides supplying the heart, particularly the coronary arteries, blockages or erections induced by cholesterol (atherosclerosis) is the basis of heart pain. This is the most common heart ailment. Behind the pains of this type, also called infarction compressing the chest wall there is a pain. Pricking pain is not in style. As irreversible heart cells begin to die after infarction. All the cells in that area die within 6-12 hours.
Heart pain, reducing the amount of blood flow to the heart caused by the actual turning points occur. Depending on the amount of blood the heart can not be fed, and oxygen will decrease. This will cause the person to stop immediately and rest. Usually the pain goes away after a little rest. A health care provider immediately if you need to refer to disappear.
Heart diseases, cardiovascular diseases, as well as other common ailments known lid diseases. Heart valve disease is the biggest cause of acute articular rheumatism disease. Romatizmalarının the most striking sign of joint inflammation of the joints. The disease is self-articular parts of the redness, swelling, pain and fever shows. The most affected organ is the heart.
Rheumatic fever and throat anjininden next (steptekok pharyngitis) may occur after 10 to 20 days. Joint romatizmasıyla mitral valve is thickened leaves, sticks together, calcify and immobilized. This is as a result of the reduction of the heart pumps blood, shortness of breath, fatigue, rapid fatigue, palpitations causes.

What to look for heart pain?

All you need to pay attention to the following clauses of heart diseases.
• Do not be nervous.
• Stop smoking.
• Şişmanlamamaya and try to maintain your weight.
• Do not work too tiring.
• Do not forget to sleep and relax. Do not run, do not rush.
• Every day, believe that you are better than the previous one. Make sure not to be constipated.
• If you have rotten teeth, move treatment.
• Too much beef or mutton fat, do not eat things with milk.
• Canned, bacon, salami, cheese, pickles, fish and reduce as much as possible about things like chocolate.
• Do not put salt in cooking.
• Cooking corn oil, sunflower or with haşhaşyağı ready.
• Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. Eat plenty of yogurt.
• continuous exercise on a regular basis, do a little bit.