Saturday, April 27, 2013


The risk of pregnancy

Similar pregnancy corrupt state. Monitoring of cases are diagnosed as often irregular gestational sac. As a rule, you have to become a fat high in the period immediately irregular gestational sac is still often the accumulation of small amounts of blood through the bag. Pregnancy reduced expression often used to describe this situation. After the diagnosis of pregnancy is a medical evacuation.

Missed miscarriage (also called miscarriage)

After a start time of embryo death blood of pregnant women in certain ingredients, and pregnancy hormones begin to take over a short fall time. Gradually, once the symptoms of pregnancy. The fertilized egg is produced in the ovaries, ovulation occurs in the region immediately after the cracking of progesterone support for new and early pregnancy corpus luteum (yellow body only) destroys the structure. As a result, lost the support of the pregnancy hormone, uterine contractions begin operations thrown. These operations are usually starts within a few days after the death of the embryo at the weekend, pain and bleeding, pregnancy foods and discarded. Although the death of the embryo in the last two weeks, and no action has begun missed abortion ("expected but not realized," low) is called. This diagnosis is reduced because the embryo is dead today, medical evacuation is established as soon as possible is recommended. This is the most common ultrasonic diagnostic recently should not be less than two weeks, the embryo germ (after 12 weeks, the fruit must be a part of) die was placed based. Treatment for medical evacuation back to the preliminary studies.

IUMF: in utero mort fetalis (= the death of the fetus)

Depending on the fetus died, for some reason, the diagnosis is made with. The influence of certain substances in the blood of pregnant women took place after death, and no later than two weeks prior to the action of hormones decline often begins myself. However, today, instead of waiting for them when diagnosed recommended evacuation to preliminary tests.

This is a topic worth noting at this stage, for any reason, the blood of the embryo or fetus dies, the mother of substances that negatively affect blood clotting. Baby dies long before pregnancy and death, the greater the number of days since the higher the risk of lowering blood clots. It has little effect on coagulation disorder and the extension of the clotting time in a simple form only one error as possible, if they have exhausted all clotting factors result in serious condition. DIC (disseminated intravascular coagulation, DIC), may even die as a result of bleeding is when a child is defined as dead than waiting for the pregnancy to be evacuated after preliminary tests are preferred. Among the people in this state "dead mother is known as a child poisoning".

DIC consider the possibility of blood clotting tests of fetal assessment should be performed in all cases to be dead. Especially in high-risk situations (large pregnancy, the fetus is dead, long suspected) before, according to the patient's blood group is available is also important to prepare for fresh blood.