Saturday, March 2, 2013

What is rickets? Symptoms and Treatment

What is rickets? Mainly due to lack of vitamin D,. Usually  -18 months in infants and children, spine, arm and leg bones, a bone disease that saw abnormal shape

Rickets causes: The main reason is the lack of vitamin D due to lack of sun. In addition, although less frequently, emilememesi can get enough vitamin D in the intestine leads to rickets. With the exception of vitamin D, calcium and phosphate mineral deficiency affects the development of the ship.
Often enough sunlight, hygienic, not damp, dark and low-ceilinged living at home, with plenty of milk smokers (especially the mother's milk), the nutritional status of the children seen. The disease is usually two years, is clearly revealed.
Rickets Symptoms: The main symptoms are a result of poor bone development in bowed legs. Legs at birth is not a straight line, but will dissolve with time. Children, despite the increase in leg has not improved asymmetry considered a sign of rickets.
Crankiness in children due to a lack of vitamin D, bones, except distortion, constant sweating, loss of appetite, constipation or diarrhea symptoms can be seen. Pale and bloodless skin, muscles can be free. Jump to tooth decay in children with rickets and early exit. Now learn how to get up and go. Flat feet can also be seen.
Treatment of rickets: rickets occurs, you need to take precautions. Otherwise, it may be invalid.
To prevent rickets in infants and children receive enough sunlight to be done.
In addition, adequate and balanced diet and breast milk should be as far as possible to 2 years, very helpful in every way.
For all this, not for the prevention of rickets vitamin D is recommended for all infants.
To do this, your doctor will not forget to use vitamin D supplements.