Thursday, March 7, 2013

Spitting up blood coughing blood

Spitting blood, coughing up blood at rest "and" syllable of each word of the signs of the events related to medicine, such as blood counts. In addition, oral and pulmonary hemorrhage, hemoptysis, which ösürükle.

Lightweight, brooches, such as respiratory disease and patients, cough, frothy saliva, blood or bloody sputum. This event is an event can not be ignored. Absolute sign of the disease.
As a general rule, those with blood tükürenler pulmonary disease and pulmonary tuberculosis. Bronchial rupture of blood vessels, bronchi and lung tumors, can cause bleeding in the form of hemoptysis.

This bleeding is sometimes a very large scale to fill the containers and can be fatal. Major bleeding should be considered a large ship in the breathing tube open.

Coughing up blood should be considered even the smallest individual medical laboratory tests as a sign. Bleeding from the throat and tonsils are mixed events. This bleeding is usually the smell of blood from the pain in the mouth, coughing, and chest, are not available.