Saturday, March 2, 2013


What is snoring? Snoring, upper airway soft tissue is the tongue and tonsils caused by a weakening of the airway during sleep daraltmasıyla. These tissues, resulting in narrowing of the airways titremesiyle noise of snoring occurs when breathing. Snoring intensity varies, depending on how many airways narrow.

Usually adults snore occasionally seen almost half the population. On average, one out of every 5 are constant snoring. Occurs more frequently in men than in women is also observed in women.
Snoring Causes: Snoring leads to weight gain and more weight on most supplies have decreased substantially. In contrast, obesity can snore and respiratory symptoms. The frequency and severity of snoring increases with age.
Snoring, which seriously affect the life of the family. Snoring man can be a mockery of other people can be in a dream revealed to be responsible.
In addition, snoring can have a significant impact on health and quality of life. People are sleepy during the day to dinlenemediği enough for the night. People snoring, hypertension is more common.
The form is a real danger of snoring, sleep apnea (breathing stops during sleep) than one. Thus, people snoring, snoring are breath after a while. Sokabilmektedirler life-threatening recurrent respiratory stays on for 10 seconds.
Snoring, snoring and daytime sleepiness people, distractibility, fatigue, drowsiness while driving, etc., can cause problems. Snoring over time, high blood pressure and heart disease also leads to problems such as.
Snoring treatment can be interpreted in different ways. For this reason, a person snores, would not be useful to consult with a doctor. However, a person's style and life to help themselves, to make some changes in snoring can be the last. First of all, snoring, if someone has to work more weight than their weight, consume junk food, alcohol and excessive yorulmamaya-have sports. Also, lie on your back, preferring to sleep there. Snoring pillow to make the airways and prevent shaking, the tissue can help snoring problems. Snoring device, there are many products to reduce snoring symptoms.