Saturday, March 2, 2013


Seizures What is this? Muscles, severe pain with sudden involuntary contractions called spasm.

Causes of seizures - seizures caused by? Other objects, overload, muscle strain, remain in the same position for a long period of time, fatigue and loss of water main reasons for the formation of seizures. In addition, candy, kidney and heart disease and pregnancy cramps. Magnesium also lack minerals such as potassium and calcium promote the generation of seizures. Cramps should consult a doctor necessarily arterial disease caused.

Cramps Treatment: In the event of seizures, muscle spasms region, which can be extremely sensitive to the patient calmly and gently stretch the muscles to relax and relieve the affected area kramptan. Also useful massage and a hot water bath. Slowly in patients with seizures of muscle relaxation, which is provided. Cramps common condition that occurs during pregnancy, especially during pregnancy, provide adequate water and minerals taken.

Kramptan muscles, excessive zorlamamaya be taken for protection. In addition, adequate protection of minerals, and to consume a balanced diet and plenty of water reduces the ability to save spasms. If you increase the risk of seizures of alcohol should be avoided.