Thursday, July 14, 2011


Tuberculosis, MTB or TB (tuberculosis for short) is a common and often deadly infectious disease caused by different strains of mycobacteria, mainly Mycobacterium tuberculosis called. Tuberculosis usually affects the lungs but can also affect other parts of the body. It is transmitted through the air when people who have an active MTB infection, coughing, sneezing, saliva or otherwise transmit through the air. Most human infections result in asymptomatic, latent infection, and almost one in ten latent infections continues, finally, to the active form of the disease, which, if untreated, kills more than 50% of the victims.
Classic symptoms of chronic cough with sputum bloody, fever, night sweats and weight loss (the last of the formerly dominant colloquial term "consumption"). Infection of other organs causes a wide spectrum of symptoms. Diagnosis is based on radiology (general radiographs of the chest), tuberculin skin tests and microscopic examination of blood and microbiological culture of bodily fluids. Treatment is difficult and requires a prolonged course of multiple antibiotics. Social contacts also check and if necessary, treatment. Antibiotic resistance is a growing problem in (extensively) multi-drug resistant tuberculosis.
Prevention relies on screening programs and vaccination, usually with bacillus Calmette-Guerin vaccine.
One-third of the world's population is believed to be infected with Mycobacterium tuberculosis, as well as new infections of about one second. The proportion of people who become ill with tuberculosis worldwide each year, but remained stable or declining due to population growth, the absolute number of new cases continues to grow. Given [3] In 2007, approximately 13.7 million chronic active cases, 9.3 million new cases and 1.8 million deaths, mostly in developing countries countries.In addition, more and more people in the developed world, tuberculosis, because their immune system, but due to the higher impact of immunosuppressive drugs, substance abuse and HIV affected. TB is not uniform throughout the world, about 80% of the population in many Asian and African countries testing positive in tuberculin tests, and only 5-10% of the U.S.