Sunday, July 10, 2011


An abscess (Latin abscessus) is a collection of pus (dead neutrophils) that the cavity through the tissue in which pus due to an infectious process (usually caused by bacteria or parasites damage) or other foreign material accumulated is formed (eg, fragments, gunshot injury, or injecting needles).This is a protective reaction of tissue to the spread of infectious materials to other parts of the body to predotvratit.Primerom abscess BCG-OMA, which is caused due to improper use of BCG vaccine.

Organisms or foreign materials kill the local cells, resulting in the release tsitokinov.Tsitokiny cause inflammation, which attracts a large number of white blood cells in the region and increases the regional blood flow.

The final structure of the abscess abscess wall, or capsule, which is formed to the neighboring healthy cells in one experiment, infected pus from the neighboring structures However, such encapsulation tends to prevent immune cells attack the bacteria in the pus, or the achievement of pathogens or foreign bodies.
Abscesses need to empyema, accumulation of pus into the already existing, not newly formed anatomical cavity can be identified.