Friday, November 5, 2010

Eat me! "Imitation" Men's Health David Zinczenko Explosions Rocco Dispirito Over Cookbook

seemingly violent world cookbooks: a dispute in a corner of the media forget the boil. Men's Health editor David Zinczenko is Rocco DiSpirito is now called to Eat This! The book, Zinczenko says taking too much from his long walk Eat this, not this! Number of cookbooks and the results of weight loss. "If imitation was the sincerest form of flattery," he said in an otherwise quiet side Publishers Weekly: "I would burst my buttons."Cook it, is not it! Posted Zinczenko in October 2009, offers its readers recipes for healthy versions of high-calorie food restaurant, but now, Eat This! (Published March 2010), "recipes for healthy versions of high-calorie foods." Sound like?Zinczenko thinks so:But obviously, any writer who has many years of hard work in building brand annoying when someone comes along and produces a product with a similar sounding name and a very similar premise. Rocco DiSpirito has established five previous books, and each of them sold poorly. Now Eat it! longer than all his previous titles combined sold. It is clear that co-optation of Eat This, is not it! Trademarks and copying and duplicating our facilities some of our graphic elements, apparently paid off well for him.If this sounds like DiSpirito served as its editor, Pamela Cannon offers respected. Although she acknowledges, "similarity" between the two (both of cookbooks, after all), she says:It's about Rocco. Some people see [that] he is a world-class chef. [Recipes at Zinzcenko Cook it, not that] does not re-invented the world-class chef, and this difference.Harsh. Just DiSpirito crib Zinczenko idea or his idea, and try to do better? Or Rocco should find, at last, the book is the concept works, it? It seems that the culinary Hotshots will be filed, these nutrition and maintenance of words